New generation equipment operating on the principle of electronic brachytherapy for the treatment of breast cancer, cervical cancer and skin cancer (non-melanoma) will be launched within a few months in 4 hospitals in Bulgaria.

Delivery and installation as well as service maintenance of the innovative technology will be performed by Molecular Solutions Bulgaria and the hospitals that will have this technology on site are UMBAL Dr. Georgi Stranski in Pleven, UMBAL St. Georgi, in Plovdiv, UMBAL Alexandrovska Hospital and SBAL of Oncology Hospital in Sofia.

The innovative therapy allows for cancer cells to be targeted and destroyed faster, safer and painlessly compared to the standard procedures used so far.

One of the main advantages of this method, is the use of the intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) method in breast cancer treatment. After lumpectomy and subsequent IORT, the patient may be discharged on the same day for home treatment. 

This type of therapy is much more precise than the conventional radiation therapy methods, as administering it allows to minimize or completely exclude additional radiotherapy. Another advantage is that it is extremely gentle on the decreased immunity of the patient and on the surrounding healthy tissue, and last but not least, it is safe for the health of medical professionals working with the equipment.


The manufacturers from Xoft, and we, the exclusive representatives from Molecular Solutions Bulgaria believe in the quality and benefits of the product, which is used in more than 180 hospitals in the US, Western Europe, and now in Bulgaria. The investment is under the Regional Development Operational Programme 2007 – 2013 – Grant Scheme in support for reconstruction, renovation and equipment of medical and healthcare facilities in urban agglomerations, financed by the EU.